Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I think it was a prophecy


April 20, 2007

shut in.

i'd just gotten home from work about 20 minutes earlier, and i decided to take a walk to amazing grace to get some dinner.  when i stepped out of my gate, i saw that old man moped was on his front steps. i said hello. he said something like "when's the last time you were out?"  i said, "what?" he said "you never leave your house anymore." i said, "well i leave it everyday for work." he looked surprised, "you work?" by now my face has to look like i'm staring at a plateful of retarded mashed potatoes. exactly. totally confused.
"yeah. i work. all day. ever since i moved in here. for two years. same place."
"oh, i thought you were becoming a shut in. i thought you were probably laid up in there depressed." then he laughed.
i wasn't sure what to say besides, "no, not at all."
then i walked off.

what the fuck?

salena said it was a prophecy. i'd prefer to think that he and i live in different universes that only align once every 6 months or so. that's why he never sees me.

UPDATE: Apparently Salena was right. This man was a prophet. Lord knows what he'd think if he was my neighbor now.

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