Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Designs for the future!

 Before one project is finished my mind is already moving onto the next. Even though my soon to be decreased income demands the start of this next one will be years away, there's no harm in planning.

The door that now houses our leftovers and debris will one day lead to a room of travel and study. A very small room with lots of information. 
We will, of course, need a beautiful map  
and an array of clocks.

What else?

Shelves for books. I've got a thing for the floating ones. Some mind-warming paint. No definite color yet.  I've been very into orange lately.  Let's see...lots of picture frames to show our travel photos.  (I just found out you can bulk order them from the Dollar Tree for a $1 a piece. That's cheaper than thrift stores! Considering we need like a zillion, this is very good news. Maybe buying in bulk is not as personal, but I can wield a can of spray paint and I have been known to decoupage.)

This room will become the gateway to the now unfinished attic.  Adding stairs will certainly decrease the space, but I've gotten used to working with small spaces while remodeling.  Small spaces demand hidden nooks and sneaky places to tuck things away.  I think these stairs are brilliant and I don't know why anyone ever made stairs that didn't have drawers.
The stairs will lead somewhere... I've still got years to plan.

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