Wednesday, October 7, 2009

was that all?

i feel there was something more. more important. life or death? no. i guess not. but important nonetheless.

sometimes i feel like i know myself better than ever. and sometimes i feel like there's a world i'm hidng from. and maybe nothings so wrong with that.

but of course there is. what's the world without the world?

common. fucking. sense.

or jibberish.

i can never tell when i'm the one talking.

either i don't have anything to say anymore or everything i have to say is hiding.
i'll wait. i'm patient.

and i always loved and hated hide-and-go-seek.

it's right there on the edge. i'm warm with the thinking of it.

i'm also tired. tired of sucking in my breath. tired of waiting for my clearing.

i almost wrote something. then i didn't. then i forgot it. always write it.

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